Nature & Animals

Reindeer, mooses, lynxes, wolverines, foxes, bears and sometimes wolves roam this area. Often it is just their foot prints that bear witness to their presence, but occasionally they are spotted. How about taking a chance to see an arctic fox?


By midsummer the flowers and countless other plants have painted the landscape in magnificent colours. Cloudberries, blueberries, raspberries and chanterelles can be picked in August and September.

Mountains | Forests

Marsfjällen, Stekenjokk and Jengenjetje är areas with high-mountain terrain. The woodland areas have primeval forests where the ”silver skeletons” of ancient trees lie on the ground and lichen decorates the branches of the old pine trees.

Gitsfjället and Njaka is two beautiful areas for diverse hiking and animal spotting.

Marsfjäll | Nature reserve

Marsfjällets nature reserve is a large area with high-mountains and birch forests in the west and moor plateaus and primeval forests in the east.

The Marsfjället mountain range is dominated by Marsfjället’s peak, the highest mountain in South Lapland, standing 1587 metres above sea level.