Genuine wilderness experiences all year round

Saxnäs is a perfect place for mountain adventures, regardless the time of the year. The activities on offer are of course tied to the different seasons.









What to do in and around Saxnäs?

Saxnäs is a snow-sure ski resort. Cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing are popular winter activities. It is not uncommon for winter athletes to choose Saxnäs for their training camps. Popular summer activities include fishing, kayaking, canoeing, cycling, hiking and taking a trip along Vildmarksvägen (’The Wilderness Road’), which goes through the village. The fall season is perfect for hiking and picking chanterelles and cloudberries, and also treats visitors to extremely fresh air and fiery autumn colours. The fall is also a great time for group trips, conferences and weekends away. We are open all year round for groups.

You don’t need to have experience of the wilderness to enjoy your stay in Saxnäs, but if needed we have experienced staff and guides that will assist you accordingly. Guests at our hotel and hostels have access to sledges, snow racers, kick-sleds and a wooden ghoati (Sami hut) by Kultsjön free of charge.

We also organise training camps for national teams, elite clubs, youth teams and individuals. Feel free to ask us for a suggested arrangement for your training camp.