Saxnäsgården Restaurant

Our dishes are made of local raw materials, and inspired by the nature and wildlife that surrounds us.

During the high season we serve breakfast, lunch, appetizers, desserts, dinners, children’s choices and vegetarian dishes on a daily basis in our restaurant. Our restaurant also stands in as a café and bistro.

Restaurant is closed in May but opens again for high season 2/6-24/9.


Do you like mountains, good food and love?

It’s becoming increasingly popular to get married in our serene surroundings, and we are happy to assist you in your wedding planning and providing you accommodation and catering during the wedding festivities.

Open-air café

Afternoon coffee, tea, snacks, ice cream and food are enjoyed just as well outdoors as indoors.

We have two separate outdoor seatings, where you can enjoy magical sunsets over the lake Kultsjön and the Marsfjällen mountain range.

 Indoors or outdoors. Whatever you choose, nature is close to you.